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The Unrecovered

Smiling Flu Book 1

Sarah Sampson knows that knows her father died in The Vietnam War…

When a TV broadcast turns her world upside down, she has to find out for sure.
Can she and her K-9 companions survive the horror of the pandemic long enough to learn the truth?

Young Dr. Carl Parks knows his patient is a kindly old man…Until that patient reveals an apocalyptic secret… But will anyone listen?

The Pull

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As a successful reporter, he’s done everything to find out… except go inside.

His twin, Casey, is a drunken vagrant who can’t resist the nameless evil drawing him in. But once there, can he ever get out?

The unspeakable horror afflicting the twins reaches across time, trapping a woman warrior from ancient Sumer.
Can all three connect and escape The Pull...

Rachael's Apocalypse Diary Vol. 2

A Smiling Flu companion novella

Can Rachael stop a second apocalypse?

Rachael faces a post-apocalyptic world filled with nuclear power plants on the brink of meltdown, underground pipelines leaking hazardous substances, and chemical plants that could detonate at any moment. As a member of the new Keeper Corps, she needs all her courage, intelligence, and grit to prevent a second Armageddon. But will it be enough?

Dive into this post-apocalyptic world once again as Rachael takes on her toughest challenge yet.

Rachael's Apocalypse Diary Vol. 1

A Smiling Flu companion novella

She was a sophomore nuclear physics student before virus. She has no survival skills. No special training. And no one to help her.

Discover the reality of survival in a post-apocalyptic world through Rachael’s eyes. From the pages of her diary, learn the truth behind the end of the world and the struggles of those who remain.

Tales of the Doomed

Fifteen tales of suffering and death...

In this collection of nightmares made real, nefarious priests, hapless schoolboys, telemarketers, and heroes come to grips with their doom. Some simply die, some linger in a half-life, destined to spend eternity slowly going insane. So, sit back and dip your head beneath the wet-slick oily surface of reality and travel with this motley cast of characters for whom there is no hope.

Len M. Ruth is the author of horror novels The Pull, Rachael’s Apocalypse Dairy I & II, The Unrecovered, and Tales of the Doomed. His stories were published in the anthology Satan Rides your Daughter, and featured in the Flash Fiction Forum. You can find his novels wherever fine eBooks are sold. Len is part of the LGBTQ community and lives with his partner, Em, and dog Cooper in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.